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Photo Catalyst....
According to ‘Well-Being’ movement, we develop the ‘Photo catalyst’ (brand name : Anyclean)
in order to support seriously to the improvement of environmental friendly circumstance of
Human beings. The present circumstance of living place is quite polluted caused by modern
Conveniences, so that the needs of environmental protection of human being does remarkably
Burst. In line with this needs, we produce Photo catalyst.
The intermediate of Energy source
We are developing the chemicals for Solar energy, new generation of energy source.
Fundamentally the needs of new generation energy source which will be substitute Oil
gradually increase in order to protect the Environmental from Pollution and come back to
Nature. Therefore ELECS Co., Ltd. are going to penetrate into this new energy source
Business sooner or later and we will produce the materials for Solar Energy in 2006.
Used Chemical purification
When any chemical goods manufacturer produce the goods, the recycled products will be
Produced. Also, the quantity of used chemicals gradually increase, but the leak of purification
Facility and the feeble willingness are the reason of the pollution. Therefore ELECS Co., Ltd.
establish the purification facility for used chemicals and we will do recycling business sooner
or later. We are preparing the facility and we will meet the needs of the market as well as the
Requirement of the members of Earth ? Environmental friendly and no pollution-.
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