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LCD / Semiconductor Process Chemical
We are supplying the raw material of Stripper, Etchant, Thinner, rework solution, EBR solution and Cleaner and export Rework Solution, EBR solution, Column spacer, Color PR to overseas market. Moreover, we sell the raw material of CRT.
Items Product name Application
The raw material of process chemical Aminoethoxyethanol Stripper, Optical fiber
Ammoina 5.0 CVD
Ammonia 6.0 CVD
Butyldiglycol Stripper for LCD
Cyclohexanone Stripper, thinner cleaner for LCD
Dimethyl Sulfoxide Rework solution, Cleaner
Dimethylacetamide Stripper, Thinner for LCD and Semiconductor
Dimethylethanolamine Stripper for LCD
Ethyl Lactate Cleaner, Thinner
Ethylene Carbonate Stripper, battery electrolyte
Gamma-Butyrolactone Thinner for LCD
Liquid Crystal Polymer Improve Brightness
Methyl Gallate Stripper
Mono Ethanolamine Stripper
N-Butyl Acetate EBR solution, Cleaner
Nitric Acid Etchant
N-MethylPyrrolidone Stripper, cleaner
Oxalic Acid Etchant
Phosphorice Acid Etchant
Photoinitiator PR
Pigment for Color PR (Blue) Color PR, mil base
Pigment for Color PR (Green) Color PR, mil base
Pigment for Color PR (Red) Color PR, mil base
Pigment for Color PR (Yellow) Color PR, mil base
Polyvinylpyrrolidone PR for CRT
Ether (PM)
Cleaner , EBR solution
Etheracetate (PMA)
Cleaner, solvent for PR
Hydroxide (TMAH)
Ultra-N-Methylpyrrolidone Stripper for Semiconductor
Process chemical Rework Solution Rework
EBR Solution  
Column Spacer  
PR for Color filter  
Carrier Tape/Cover tape/Carrier bag  
Li-Battery Raw material
We supply and export the raw material for Li-Battery.
Items Product name Application
Li-Battery Ethylene Carbonate Electrolyte
Propylene Carbonate Electrolyte
Dimethyl Carbonate Electrolyte
Diethyl Carbonate Electrolyte
EthylMethyl Carbonate Electrolyte
Lithium Cobalt Oxide Cathode Active material
Lithium Nickel Oxide Cathode Active material
Lithium Manganese Oxide Cathode Active material
Lithium CobaltManganeseNickel Oxide Cathode Active material
  Anode Active material
Tab Lead Connection tip of Li-Battery
Pouch film Cell packaging for Li-polymer battery
We are supplying the raw material of Polyimide for Flexible PCB and we are selling the binder for Cupper foil and Polyiimide.
Items Product name Application
Raw material PMDA Polyimide
BSAA Polyimide
OPDA Polyimide
OTDA Polyimide
ODA Polyimide
N-Hexane PCB solvent
Binder Conductive Adhesive series Polyimide
Film & Resin Polyimide Film & Resine FCCL, high strength, heat sensitive, chemical sensitive,
Capacitor ( Condenser)
We supply Ionic Liquid for Super Capacito and raw material for electrolyte.
Items Product name Application
Capacitor Ionic Liquid... Super Capacito
Gamma-Butyrolactone Electrolyte
2-Methyl Imidazol Electrolyte
1,2-Dimethylimidazole Electrolyte
We are selling the products for OLED which is raising up as New generation FPD and we follow up these products will be a commercialized.
Items Product name Application
OLED OLED chemicals... Raw material for OLED Production
OPC OPC chemicals... The raw material for OPC production
We are supplying water soluble UV ink and Ink for Ink jet printer and LCP which is the raw material for packaging material of electronic goods.
Items Product name Application
Ink UV Ink Exterior coating for mobile phone
Ink for Inkjet printer (Home) Inkjet printer
Ink for Inkjet printer (Industry) Inkjet printer
Raw material for LCP P-HydroxybenzoicAcid Raw material for LCP
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