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We would like to introduce the general chemicals which we are handling at moment. We are selling general chemicals including Epoxy related products, Paint & Ink, Vanish raw material, fine chemicals and Engineering plastics. We make an effort to give the satisfaction to the customers. In line with this policy, we will give a favor to the customer before the request of customer.
Paint & Ink.......
Handling various solvent, monomer, pigment, resins and others .
Fine Chemicals.......
Import and sell the raw material of Cosmetics, Pharmaceutical, Food Chemicals and Agro chemicals.
- The raw material of Cosmetic
- Pharmaceutical intermediate
- Food chemicals
- Agrochemicals
- Water soluble Polyurethane
- Water soluble Polyester/ Water dispersible Polyester
- Adhesieves
Engineering Plastics
We could supply the Engineering Plastics which is produced by Garuda. It is used for high performance plastic production such as PEEK.
We are also handling the raw material of LCP to import from Taiwan.
- p-Hydroxybenzoic acid (LCP 원료)
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